You can think of mosquitos as an annoyance but at most parts of the world they carry diseases. More than half of the world’s population is at risk. Even India is in the hold of dengue torment. Dengue torments have expanded in expansion and harmfulness, potentially showing viral change development. Dengue is a vector-borne ailment transmitted by bite of an infected Aedes mosquito. There are four distinct variations of the virus that causes dengue. Dengue outbreak in the nation is assigned to various variables, including high rainfall, extreme construction activity and better surveillance that has been enabled to detect more such cases. Medical clinics and hospitals across the nation are immersed with patients, putting a strain on already stretched emergency resources. Outbreak of dengue fever is accounted every year from different parts of the nation and this year, the absolute rate revealed by Directorate of the National Vector Borne Disease Control Programme(NVBDCP) until October 13 is 67,000, which is already 48% of the last year’s all out figure, and the more terrible has already been appeared since the greatest pervasiveness of dengue in many pieces of India is in post monsoon period (September to November).

Dengue - An Overview

Dengue fever is a painful disease spread by the virus of Aedes aegypti mosquito. The disease might seem viral but doesn’t spread straightforwardly starting with one individual onto the other, it does through a dengue tainted mosquito only. Dengue virus is most normally found in tropical and subtropical countries, however the ailment has been expanding quickly in suburbs, urban poor areas and the countryside as well. It is normally an amiable and self constrained disease, yet few cases will advance to the hemorrhagic structure, in which seeping of blood from various organs and mucosal surfaces happens and for which the mortality gets low. These usually require proper supervision.
There are no vaccines available in traditional medication and the best method is to avoid mosquito bites, nonetheless cure-treatment is possible in homeopathy if diagnosis occurs at the early stage. Since the mosquitoes that transmit the infection are day-gnawing, mosquito netting is of also of no handiness, and the main successful focus for control has been to take out the Aedes vectors from the body.

Any symptoms or Ailments bothering you?

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Any symptoms or Ailments bothering you?

You can get an ABSOLUTELY FREE CONSULTATION from Dr. Ghosh himself. Just get started and get a holistic approach for your health. 

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Symptoms usually take its appearance about four to seven days to seven days after the initial viral infection. Gentle appearance of dengue can be mistaken for different other diseases as well.
Symptoms of human body demonstrating most basic indication of dengue includes:

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  • Unexpected, high fever
  • rash
  • throbbing painfulness behind the eyes
  • cerebral pain,
  • muscle pain, rash,
  • bone torment,
  • joint/gut pain
  • Swollen lymph
  • Mild to serious vomiting tendency
  • Febrile spasms
  • upset stomach
  • lower number of platelets

Dengue Rash | Source: Medical News Today


There is no particular drug to treat dengue since it is a virus. Treatment using conventional medicine is limited to medicines like paracetamol and other pain managements. However, actions taken for person-to-person by medical experts can help, depending upon the seriousness of the disease. Given the limited variety of choices for providing any relief in conventional drugs, homoeopathy has emerged as a very effective mode of treatment for each these infections. Tens of thousands of patients are prescribed homeopathic medicines to assist, manage their symptoms and keep the course of disease short, every year. Homoeopathy provides effective and safe pain relief in these patients whereas keeping the idea of fever in mind. Providing safe and effective pain relief while reducing the usage of a number of the analgesics in conventional drugs becomes difficult, this is often an important factor why homeopathy has gain such popularity amongst patients.

Homeopathy and Dengue

Homeopathy treats the individual one in one way. It implies that homeopathic treatment for dengue fever, centers around the patient as an individual, just as his obsessive condition.

Homeopathy has been believed to be effective. Homeopathic medicines for dengue fever are chosen after a full individualizing assessment and case-investigation, which incorporates the therapeutic history of the patient, physical and mental constitution and so forth. Patients of severe dengue has also reported a quick cessation of bleeding and a quick return to normal platelet counts.

The symptoms recorded against each homeopathic medicine may not be legitimately identified with infection and there its always advisable to get your blood test done once you experience any uneasiness or facing few of the mentioned symptoms for choosing a cure at the earliest..

Transfusion of blood or platelets has to be avoided when commencing homeopathic medical care treatment.

Best dengue fever treatment in homeopathy


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