Homoeopathy these days is a up growing system and is being practiced over the globe. In Asian country it has become a home name due to the quality of its pills and gentleness of its cure. A rough study states that regarding 100 percent of the Indian population exclusively rely medical aid for his or her Health care desires and Homeopathy is taken into account as the Second most well-liked system of medication within the Country.

It is over a century that this medical aid is being practiced in Asian country. it’s blended  therefore well into the roots and traditions of the country that it has been recognized in concert of the National System of medication and plays a necessary role in providing health care to an outsized variety of individuals. Its strength lies in its evident effectiveness because it takes a holistic approach towards the sick individual through promotion of inner balance at mental, emotional, religious and physical levels.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a natural system of medications utilized by over two hundred million folks worldwide to treat each acute and chronic conditions. it’s supported the principle of ‘like cures like’. In different words, a substance taken in little amounts can cure an equivalent symptoms it causes if taken in giant amounts.

The holistic nature of medical aid means that everyone is treated as a novel individual and their body, mind, spirit and emotions are all thought-about within the management and bar of sickness. Taking of these factors into consideration a practician can choose the foremost acceptable drugs supported the individual’s specific symptoms and private level of health to stimulate their own healing ability.

Homeopathic medicines are safe to use as they seldom cause side-effects. this suggests once used befittingly beneath the steerage of a certified practician they’ll be taken by folks of all ages, as well as babies, youngsters and pregnant or breastfeeding girls.

Homeopathy is a science of natural health care that has been in worldwide use for over two hundred years. Homeopathy treats all and sundry as a novel individual with the aim of stimulating their own healing ability. A practician selects the foremost acceptable drugs supported the individual’s specific symptoms and private level of health.

It is recognized by the globe Health Organization because the second largest therapeutic system in use within the world. whereas it’s most well-liked in India and South America, over thirty million individuals in Europe, and countless others round the world, additionally like its use.

Any symptoms or Ailments bothering you?

You can get an ABSOLUTELY FREE CONSULTATION from Dr. Ghosh himself. Just get started and get a holistic approach for your health. 

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Any symptoms or Ailments bothering you?

You can get an ABSOLUTELY FREE CONSULTATION from Dr. Ghosh himself. Just get started and get a holistic approach for your health. 

Get a FREE Consultation
Why Homeopathy?
Homeopathy- a holistic approach

Homeopathy observe the wider side the of unwellness to cure their causes instead of just their symptoms and it stimulates the body’s own natural healing powers to bring health, vitality and well-being. It doesn’t treat superficially by simply driving away the symptoms however heals the patient from at intervals. It uses medicines that cowl the disturbance of the entire person instead of giving totally different medicines for various afflicted elements of the body. Patients usually report improvement in overall energy, mood, quality of sleep, and digestion, and therefore the disappearance of different symptoms apparently unrelated to the condition being treated with homoeopathy.

Homeopathic doctors relate individual patterns of responding to environmental influences, infectious agents and potential stressors to specific homeopathic  medicines that may remedy these condition patterns. proficient homeopathic  prescribing needs that the characteristics of the chosen drugs ought to be as similar as potential to the characteristics of the health problem within the patient. The a lot of careful the understanding of the symptom nuances of the patient, the a lot of correct the prescription. Thus, homoeopathy is extremely personalized and based mostly upon a holistic assessment. additionally because the patient’s actual criticism and standard designation, the subsequent factors might play a vital half in drugs choice, particularly in chronic disease:  the patient’s constitution, emotional and mental make-up, the approach the patient responds to physical, emotional and mental influences/stress in his/her life, the patient’s temperament, genetic predispositions and any robust case history of specific diseases.

Homeopathy: a healing treatment

Homeopathic treatment is a good methodology of healing – in each acute and chronic conditions, as claimed by innumerable patients and thousands of homeopathic  doctors. it should even provide long lasting to permanent cure, treating the sickness from its roots, for many of the ailments. The body of clinical proof for the effectiveness of medical care continues to accumulate. many analysis studies have shown overall that 3 quarters of the inveterately unwell patients according that they felt ‘moderately better’ or ‘much better’. variety of rigorous clinical trials have shown medical care superior to others.

Homeopathy is a good different to antibiotics in infectious diseases, manufacturing no noxious aspect effects and delivery regarding speedy recovery. microorganism infections also are all right treated with medical care. additionally, medical care is effective for a range of complaints occurring in youngsters, as well as activity issues. different medical conditions with success treated are: skin diseases like skin disease, boils, eczema, psoriasis, warts; contractor pain, arthritis, arthritis, sciatica, inflammation and fibromyalgia; allergies, frequent infections; headache and migraine; gastritis, constipation, viscus conditions, irritable gut syndrome, inflammatory gut disease; frequent colds, sinusitis, inflammation, cough, bronchial asthma and metabolic process infections; emotional conditions like depression, anxiety, insomnia; emission disorders, PMS, sterility, hot flushes; nausea, labor pain, lactation issues, breast inflammation (mastitis); coronary dysfunctions, liver disorders, There are several different conditions besides those listed wherever Homeopath is found to be effective.

Homeopathy: a safe treatment

Homeopathy is safe in contrast to different medication, homeopathic  medicines are non-toxic and harmless and don’t have any adverse aspect effects. Patients unable to use standard pharmaceuticals because of aspect effects will typically safely use homeopathic  medicines. homeopathic  medicines are natural, ready from minute amounts of herbs, minerals and animal merchandise. Their quality and safety are assured by the national drugs agencies supported EEC legislation and European assemblage needs. they’re appropriate for pregnant girls, infants and youngsters without fear regarding the indefinite quantity.

Many childhood ailments might be terribly effectively and quickly treated with medical care while not manufacturing any aspect effects whatever. in contrast to antibiotics and different such medicines, homeopathic  pills don’t hamper digestion, or lower the body’s resistance. Neither do they cause any allergies nor cause any harm, although seized an extended amount. there’s no toxicity, no addiction, no dependency, no withdrawal. innumerable folks use it to assist themselves, their families and their pets with none dangerous physical repercussions.

Homeopathy: a inexpensive treatment

Homeopathic medicines are a lot of more cost-effective than standard pharmaceuticals, as a result of being generic, non-patented and non-patentable meditative substances, created at low prices.  On an average, homeopathic  medicines price less than INR.100 per treatment in acute conditions and a couple of  hundreds in chronic conditions.

Since homeopathic  doctors ought to get an oversized quantity of data from their patients, a extended consultation time is needed. This personal consultation is dearer than usual medico consultations. the prices of a homeopathic  treatment might so be equivalent to that of standard treatment. within the long-standing time, however, medical care saves cash. underneath correct homeopathic  treatment not solely the person’s immediate complaints improve, however conjointly his/her status to sickness decreases as there’s a general improvement in health and so less want for medical consultations. that the accumulative prices are terribly low.

In the long-run studies show that patients of Homeopath agency were treated with consulting medical care and were used fewer medications, had higher health, fewer days off sick, fewer visits to medical specialists, less time within the hospital than patients of standard physicians. Moreover, there aren't any prices related to complications because of adverse medication effects. In different words, Homeopathy might provide important price savings to public health bodies, and to the economy national wide.

Dr. Samit Ghosh’s Homeopath Clinic based out of Kolkata over a long 32years was established by Dr. Samit Ghosh himself, who is a Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery and lately serving as consultant homoepath physician at Barrackpore OPD, National Institute of Homeopathy, Aayus, Govt of India.
Dr. Ghosh is a student of Dr. S.K Dubey, Dr. R.K Dutta who were the pioneer of Homoepathy. He also held the science movement of West-Bengal as the Secretary of Paschim Banga Vigyan Mancha.
His treatments are unique and provide Classical Homeopathic Consultation services to people suffering from various kinds of health issues.
His system follows a treatment of Single Medicine, Minimum Dose. Schedule a free Appointment with him to get a Holistic Approach of your health.

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