Dr. Samit Ghosh Homeopathy Treatment

Traditional Homeopathy is different from Conventional Treatment and Depends on many factors like environmental, desires etc.
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Primary Case Taking Form

This is a Primary Case taking form for your Homeopathy Treatment.


Unlike conventional treatment, Homeopathy Treatments needs many personal details such as your desires, environmental factors, likes/ dislikes.


This form is the basic form you need to fill up so that Dr. Samit Ghosh and his team can understand you as a person better than your disease. Please fill up the form carefully as based on this answers your Homeopathismedication will be adviced.

Our Commitment
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Homeopathy Treatment is a alternative and herbal form of medicine used by millions of patient worldwide to treat chronic and acute ailments.


Trust the doctor who has treated and cured dozens of patient with the power of homeopathy.


Classical Minimum Medicine , Minimum Dose protocol used by Dr. Samit Ghosh’s patients in many countries.

  • Thorough case taking is done to select the minimum medicine with suitable dose.
  • The medicines includes Dr. Samit Ghosh’s unique Patents for various ailments, which are truly miraculous for the homeopathic patents.
  • Each patient is different, so their medicines are also different. 
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